About Us

SongTales is powered by Ceol Connected, an impassioned company that strives to create meaningful, beguiling, virtuosic, fantastical, and gloriously joyful work for young audiences that is of the highest quality and that draws inspiration and intrigue from the world of traditional arts.

Ceol Connected are the makers of several productions for children including The Far Field, A Winter Wish, Return of Spring, WUNDERGROUND and TREEHOUSE. We are currently developing our new production called The Land of a Hundred Little Hills inspired by Patrick Kavanagh’s A Christmas Childhood poem. We also produce Tradoodle traditional arts festival for children and are currently developing multisensory touring productions for children with complex and additional needs.

We take our responsibility to present high quality shows, festivals, events, and other arts experiences for young audiences very seriously. The development of each from concept to presentation involves close collaboration between artists, creatives, and children to ensure that what we ultimately present is the best that it can possibly be.

In fact, over 22 artists in total helped to create the music album & videos, stories, illustrations & arts activities that you will find in your SongTales music and creativity box!

We have a sense of wonder, play, and relentless curiosity about the world.


We make meaningful connections through music.


We are rooted in tradition and embrace innovation.



Our research-led approach inspires children to become their most creative selves.


We have a genuine passion in everything we do.


We are rooted in tradition and embrace innovation.

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